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Vision, Mission and Values


Vision, Mission and Values


A society where all children are developmentally on track to reach their full potential


TECDEN is determined to collaboratively work with other networks, coalitions, institutions, the private sector, the government, development partners and other potential stakeholders to influence policies, programs and practices related to Early Childhood Development (ECD). This can be achieved through sharing of information, experience and generating knowledge; and understanding of ECD; and work towards early investments in young children of 0 – 8 years in Tanzania.


a) Respect children’s rights without any kind of discrimination

b) Protect children from abuse and violence of any kind

c) Honesty

d) Accountability

e) Integrity

f) Teamwork

g) Openness

h) Transparency


The overall goal of TECDEN is to coordinate and empower ECD non-state actors in promoting the ECD agenda in the country.


TECDEN’s specific objectives include:

a) Advocating for policies, laws, regulations and frameworks that improve the services delivery to young children through engaging in policy dialogue at all levels.

b) Mobilizing TECDEN members and other ECD stakeholders to actively participate in promoting early childhood development in Tanzania through participating in the implementation of ECD programmes.

c) Collecting, generating and dissemination of information, data and facts addressing Early Childhood Development issues.

d) Strengthening capacities of member organizations and other ECD stakeholders on Early Childhood Development issues to enable them to provide quality services to young children in their respective localities and workplaces.

e) When needs arise, to provide financial support/sub-grant (subject to availability of funds and the capacity of the grantee) to any group, organization or institution which is supporting TECDEN objectives or mission particularly on ECD issues

f) To become a useful link between the ECD non-state actors and the Government on issues related to ECD