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Vision, Mission and Values


Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

TECDEN’s vision is a Tanzania where all young children from conception to 8 year old are treasured in such a way that their basic rights and needs are met and their rights to survive and really thrive are realized through holistic approaches to supporting their development.

Our Mission

TECDEN’s mission is to ensure that all TECDEN members work collaboratively to promote multi-sectoral approaches which;

  • Engender the holistic development of infants and young children and which
  • Bring the voices of young children into issues affecting them.
Our Goal

TECDEN aims at creating an enabling environment by strengthening the capacity of members to strategically engage in key Policy and programme Development processes at all levels to influence the improvement of support for holistic development of all infants and young children.

Our Values
  • We respect the uniqueness and rights of every individual child
  • We value the potential and dignity of every child
  • The child’s wellbeing and interests are at the centre of all what we do
  • We uphold the legal right of young children to be protected from all forms of abuse, neglect and exploitation
Main Objectives
  • Advocating for policies, laws, regulations and frameworks that improves the service delivery to young children through engaging in policy dialogue at all levels
  • Mobilizing community to actively participate in promoting early childhood development in Tanzania through National campaigns which is Investing in Young Children for national Development
  • Conducting Research, Survey and Situation Analysis for purpose of generating evidence based facts to feed Advocacy work on issues affecting young children in Tanzania
  • Strengthening capacities of member organizations on ECD issues to enable them to provide quality services to young children in their respective workplaces
  • Coordinating Information Sharing among stakeholder/member organizations on issues of interest to improving the wellbeing of young children in Tanzania