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About Tanzania Early Childhood Development Network (TECDEN)


About Tanzania Early Childhood Development Network (TECDEN)

Tanzania Early Childhood Development Network (TECDEN) was found in December 2000. It was formally registered on 30th June 2004 by the Registrar of Societies, Ministry of Home Affairs under the societies ordinance, 1954. Among the objectives one was “…to develop and maintain an active ECD network through strong institutional links between ECD related organizations”. What started out as the inter Organizational Committee naturally developed into the formation of the national network of ECD stakeholders now known as TECDEN. It is National network of Early Childhood Development Organizations working in partnership to influence policies, programs and practice related to Early Childhood Development (ECD) by sharing information, experiences, researches, generating knowledge and understanding on ECD in Tanzania. 

TECDEN is Working in collaboration with the Government through the Ministry of Health Community Development Gender Elderly and Children (MoHCDGEC) – Child Development Department – (CDD). In December, 2018 TECDEN and MoHCDGEC organized a Multisectoral ECD stakeholders Forum. Over 120 stakeholders from different domains across the country attended the meeting. Formed a Taskforce of individuals from key ECD Ministries, MDAs and Non- state Actors. A total of 24 members. TECDEN was tasked to identify the Non-State Actors into the Taskforce and a ToR for the Taskforce was developed.

TECDEN Geographical Coverage

TECDEN currently has members in eighteen Regional Chapters in located in eighteen Government Administrative Regions in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar as follows: Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Kagera, Kilimanjaro, Manyara, Morogoro, Mwanza, Pwani, Ruvuma, Tanga, Mjini Magharibi, Unguja Kaskazini, Pemba Kaskazini and Pemba Kusini.