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Regular Members

These are members who do ECD activities at Grassroots, Regional and National Level in Tanzania. These are local ECD NGOs who may apply or be invited for membership. Representatives from each Affiliate Organization Member shall have the right to participate in TECDEN’S meetings and activities, but they shall not have the right to vote or to hold elective office in the Network.
RegionOrganization Name
Dar es SalaamBabawatoto Organization 
KageraBushonga Rural Community Development BRCD
KigomaFamily Mission for Women and Children Welfare (FAWOCHIWE)
Umoja wa wawezeshaji KIOO
Peace Centre for Community Development (PCCD)
Youth Against AIDS and Poverty Association (YAAPA)
ManyaraConcern for Elderly Uhuru
Christian Spiritual Youth Ministry (CSYM)
Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania (FPCT)
Gehandu Youth Association 
Gehandu Social Development Association (GSDA)
Girls Education Advocacy Group (GEAG)
Elliminate Gender Bias Organization (EGBO)
Iraqw Education Initiative Organization (IRAQW)
Women Against Aids and Poverty (WAAP)
MbeyaSave Live Organization of Tanzania (SALIOTA)
Tuungane Organization
Networking for Society Development Organization (NESODO)
Soma kwa Furaha Initiative (SKFI)
Upendo Cottage and Children Development (UCCD)
RuvumaDirena Health Support
ShinyangaFoundation for Human Health and Social Development (HUHESO)
Nyanza Development Organization (NYANZA)
Tanzania Youth and Children TYC
These are members whose primary objectives and functions are consistent with the overall goal of TECDEN Regular members shall be a few local ECD NGOs from each region of Mainland Tanzania with the right to participate fully in TECDEN’s meetings, activities including the right to vote. Regular members will apply to TECDEN, be shortlisted by the secretariat and approved by the Board of Directors. Regular Members have the right to vote and be voted for in any position in TECDEN governance leaderships and decisions. The revised constitution establishes and recognizes Regional ECD Coordination units as organs replacing the then Regional Chapters as provided in Article 37 and 38 of the TECDEN revised Constitution. For smooth coordination of TECDEN members from across the country, TECDEN shall establish Regional ECD Coordination Units in each region of Tanzania Mainland.
RegionOrganization Name
Arusha Centre for Women and Children Development (CWCD)
Elimu Community Light and (ECOLI)
Maasai Pastoralist Devote Initiatives (MPDI)  - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
Dar es Salaam Bright Jamii Initiative (BJI)
Centre Against Gender Based Violence – CAGBV 
DodomaAction for Community Care (ACC) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
Reaching the Unreached Tanzania (RUT)
 GeitaNew Light Children Center Organization (NELICO) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
Vulnerable Organization for Legal Aid Services (VOLAS)
Foundation for Community Driven Development (CDD)
KAGERATanzania Development and Aids Prevention Association (TADEPA) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
IRINGAIringa Development of Youth, Disabled and Children Care (IDYDC)
Katavilake Rukwa Development Organization (LARDEO) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
Community for Change Organization (COCO)
KigomaBAKAID TANZANIA - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
Tanzania Child and Youth Rescue Organization (TCYRO) 
Population and Development Initiative (PDI)
Save for Development and Relief Association (SADERA)
KilimanjaroKilimanjaro Youth and children Support Organization (KIYOSO)
Elimu Mwangaza 
Tanzania Women Research Foundation (TAWREF) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
LINDILindi Women Paralegal Aid Centre (LIWOPAC)
ManyaraCommunity Support Initiatives - Tanzania (COSITA) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
Promotion of Integreted Development and Relief Services 
MbeyaShalom Development Organization (SHADO) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
 WeCare Foundation
MorogoroChildhood Development Organization (CDO) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
Sawa Wanawake Tanzania (SAWA)
MtwaraKitovu cha Maendeleo Safi (KIMAS) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Units 
Faidika Wote Pamoja (FAWOPA)
MaraAfrica Inland Church Tanzania-Diocese of Mara and Ukerewe (AICT MUD) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
Sustainable Hub for Policy Initiatives (SHPI)
Tanzania Youth Espouse for Gender Development (TYEGD)
MwanzaAmani Girls Organization (AGO/Amani)
Tanzania Home Economics Organization (TAHEA Mwanza) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
Mwanza Youth and Children Network (MYCN)
NjombeUmbrella of Women and Disabled Organization (UWODO) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
PwaniAnjita Child Development Foundation 
RukwaVijana Pambana Pata Maendeleo Rukwa (VIPAMARU) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
RuvumaRuvuma Orphans Association (ROA) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
Intercare Organization 
ShinyangaInvesting in Children and Strengthening Their Societies (ICS) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
Youth and Women Emancipation (YAWE)
SingidaEmpower Society Transform Lives (ESTL) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
Sustainable Environment management Action (SEMA)
Wezesha Mwanamke (WEMWA)
SongweThe Health and Insurance Management Services Organization (HIMSO) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
Intergrated Rural Development Organization - (IRDO)
TaboraJikomboe Integral Development Association (JIDA) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
Tabora Advocacy Centre for Development (TACEDE)
TangaUnited Help for Tanzania Children (UHTC) - TECDEN Regional Coordination Unit
African Women AIDS Working Group (AFRIWAG)
Action for Social and Economic Development (ASED)
These are organizations or entities that may be accorded strategic membership in lieu of their contribution to TECDEN’s vision, mission and/or objectives. These may include INGOs, government departments, professional organizations, media and academic institutions, development partners, etc. Strategic Members shall have the privilege to participate by invitation in the Network meetings and activities, but they shall not have the right to vote or hold an elective office in TECDEN.
BRAC Maendeleo Tanzania
IBO  Italia
Ubongo Kids
SOS Children's Villages Tanzania
Children in Crossfire (CiC)
Montessori Community Tanzania
PACT Tanzania
Good Neighbors
Girl Effect
REPPSI Tanzania
Right to Play
Beyond Inclusion 
Uwezo Tanzania
Oxford Policy Management